Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions around a portrait session? I've collected my top asked questions and posted them here for your review.

1. What do I wear to my photo session?

I will photograph you in up to 4-5 different outfits for the standard 2 hour session. Each of my sessions are tailored to each of my portrait clients, so I recommend that you bring anything you feel confident in.  

  • Solids & textures over print.  Crazy patterns distract from your face, especially in photos. Textures however photograph beautifully. Textures like denim, lace, tulle, chiffon, velvet, even fur. 

  • Bring a range of outfits.  Although I only photograph you in 4-5 outfits, bring more. We'll put things together at your arrival.  Think elegant, classy, casual, sporty, business or whatever your personal style is.

2. How do I prepare for my photo shoot? 

Consider the details, Hair, nails, waxing, skin, etc. 

  • Hair cut/color: schedule this 7-14 days prior to your photo shoot so it has time to settle into the new style & texture.

  • Nails:  Clean, buffed or polished is great.  If you are choosing a color, try to stay with a light, natural color.

  • Waxing: 3-5 days prior to your shoot if you are considering boudoir or you normally get waxing service.

  • To tan or not to tan.  Tanning can make your skin look dryer and older.  It's best to keep your natural skin tone and request a warmer look in the photo retouching step.

3. I don’t know how to pose, will you help?

I give super easy-to-follow instructions and coach you from your facial expression down to the placement of your fingers in your images.  I have extensive training on creative posing and posing for all ages and body types.

My posing methods take care to emphasize only the parts about you that you love the most & help minimize what you may not love quite so much. 

4. How much do you edit the pictures? 

My job as a photographer and artist is to not only take the most amazing images that you've ever seen of yourself but to also create beautiful artwork.  I do use retouching methods on final images; although, I will not make you look like someone else or take 50 pounds away though maybe 20.  With posing alone, we can take off 20 often times. 

I will smooth skin, take away blemishes, bruises, scratches, stretch marks, veins and cellulite and use lighting techniques for your skin to better conceal the shadows that show your well earned wrinkles on any image your purchase.

5. What if I just want digital copies? 

Digital copies of any collection purchased are included at printable sizes depending on package.  Web or social media images are also available.


6. What is an in person reveal and ordering session?

We will meet following your session typically about 7-10 days after your photo session.  At this meeting we will review all of your imagery together and choose your favorites and decide on which package works best for you.  These sessions also give me an opportunity to help you create impactful collections for your wall art.

7. Do you photograph men?

I love photographing men's portraiture and it's my goal to get more into my studio.  I understand posing and lighting men which is entirely different than women's beauty portraiture.

8. Do you keep the files? What if we cannot purchase at our ordering session?

I love my artwork, and I would love to say that I keep every last file, from  every last client but, I simply do not. What I love, I print. I love seeing my artwork tangibly, holding it in my hands and seeing it on my walls. Four weeks following your reveal and ordering session, un-purchased images are deleted from our archives.  Anything you purchase will be archived.

9. Should I bring someone with me to my photo session?

You are free to bring anyone that may help you feel more at ease and help you be more yourself; however, more often than not, I find this can be a distraction for the one on one experience and flow of the photo session.  People are less likely to get comfortable and relax when someone is watching them and I just love getting into a comfort zone with my clients.  

10. What is your cancellation policy?

Once your photo session has been scheduled on my calendar, cancellations are accepted up to 7 days prior to your appointment. Cancellations made within the 7 day window do require a $75 rescheduling fee.

Once your appointment is confirmed, I do not accept any other business that day, if hair & makeup is scheduled, there would be arrangements to pay my stylists for the time they block off as well. 

I do understand that emergencies do come up, and in some instances I may choose to waive that fee; however, I find that having this policy in place detracts from last minute cancellations.

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